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The Appeal of Laminated Glass Windows

Posted by Lee Lumber on Dec 27, 2016 7:00:00 PM

windows3.jpgLaminated glass windows are highly specialized types of glass panes which can provide additional safety for your home or business. Unlike most glass, when one of these specialized windows is broken, it will stay in place. This means that it will not shatter into pieces inside or outside of the area around it. Its special construction also makes it a reliable security measure against forced entries.  Due to the significant increase in cost, laminated glass is only of value in appropriate locations and installations.


Laminated window glass has two sheets each with a special layer of vinyl inside of them. The vinyl is what holds the glass in place when it is broken, nearly eliminating the chance of shards around the room. The double panes make it far more difficult to break the glass and therefore this construction gives extra security against entering a room that is protected by laminated glass.


Primary Benefits

The benefits of laminated window glass go beyond safety and security:

  • The additional pane of glass and vinyl make it difficult for sound to go through the glass, allowing the window to act as a sound reduction measure. It can even muffle some of the loudest noises, such as airplanes and heavy machinery.
  • Since there are more layers to go through, the sun’s rays have less of an effect on items in rooms protected by laminated window glass. This means that there is less fading of colors for curtains, carpets, paints, wood floors, and furniture.
  • These types of windows are also better able to handle harsher weather, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and heavy storms.

Marvin™ Windows is an example of a manufacturer of laminated glass windows such as their Storm Plus windows.  Marvin is one of the most trusted names in the window business, and they are one of the leaders in making the most advanced and durable laminated window glass in the industry. 

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