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Plan And Design Your Deck

Posted by Lee Lumber on Aug 8, 2016 10:38:51 AM

trex_decking_materials-1.jpgThe best way to maximize the enjoyment of your own outdoor space is to plan and design your own deck. There are three primary types of decks that can give you the foundation for your plan. Using the basic types, you can personalize your deck to focus on hanging out or enjoying some peace and quiet.

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Rectangular Decks

The rectangular deck offers a classic look to your backyard. It can help to optimize your backyard space, giving you a place for grilling, chatting, and eating in different areas of your deck. If you have a large space in your backyard that you want to convert into a deck, this is the deck type that will help you organize that space in a way that fits your intended uses.

Overlook Decks

If you want to create a space just for conversing or enjoying the view of your yard, the overlook deck is a great alternative. It is elegant and gives you a cozy space for dining and chatting with friends. With a more contemporary look and feel, the design of an overlook deck is distinctive for the way it bumps out over the yard, giving you a little extra space than the other types.

Beveled Edge Decks

This sophisticated deck reduces some of the available space by rounding the edges, but it also tends to wrap around part of the house. This gives you a better view of your yard from several different angles, as well as a little personal space.

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