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December 2016 Newsletter Fire Rated Door

Posted by Rick Baumgarten on Jan 6, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Did you know?

Lee Lumber has a licensed, fire-rated door machining shop:

Lee Lumber is licensed to machine both wood and metal fire doors. This means that Lee Lumber can machine fire doors for hinges and locks as well as modify sizes andinstall door lites (within code tolerances) and can certify with metal fire-rating labels on the doors. The question is, what does this mean for your project?

  • Lee Lumber keeps more fire doors in stock. Because fire-rated doors are one of our specialties, we sell more of them and we keep a wider range of sizes and types in stock.
  • Custom abilities - because we can machine on site, custom hinge and lock locations are not a problem. Putting a new door into your old existing frame will not be a problem because we will match that door to your frame.
  • Speed - whereas most suppliers have to order a custom door that will take many weeks, we may be able to take a door from our stock and machine and label it in house cutting weeks off your lead time.

Please read our latest blog on the 90 minute fire rated door.

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November 2016 Newsletter

Posted by Rick Baumgarten on Dec 2, 2016 2:11:17 PM

Did you know?

Washington Hall at the University of Notre Dame is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the renovation they required called for windows that were energy efficient, low maintenance and would preserve the profiles and unique colors of the original windows. This totally custom project used a variety of Marvin window configurations and custom clad window casings designed by the architect and two custom colors, Irish Tan and Irish Bronze. This project involved 310 units, including a monumental circular window assembly.  Marvin engineered and shipped this job. Lee Lumber has supplied custom windows to Northwestern University, the University of Illinois, and Saint Ignatius High School. Lee Lumber has been a Marvin dealer for longer than any other in the Chicago area, having sold over $100,000,000 of Marvin product to date. We have sales associates dedicated to window sales and many members of our sales team have been factory trained at the Marvin plant in Warroad, MN. Learn More About Marvin Windows Here.

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